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Albert Einstein Telescope

Demonstration model on how to the capture the vibrations in the earth, to be developed in the Einstein Telesocope .

ESA EAC Columbus Trainings Module

ESA EAC NBF pool : Columbus Module

Alice In Wonderland

Interactive exhibition in the Alice In Wonderland theme.

Tien Gemeten

Interactive Exhibits at Tien Gemeten

Launcher Series

Ariane Space: Soyuz lancher in scale 1:10

Technik Museum Speyer

We are very pleased to build special parts for the very extensive Space Exhibition.

Angkor Wat

This interactive display is part of the traveling exhibition of Angkor Wat.


DLR Airplane in large scale with cut-open view .

Jena Optronik

Star tracker

Space Application Service

Lunar Rover LUVMI

ESA International Space station

ESA ESOC : The International Space station ISS scale 1:30


ESA EAC, we produce the PR facility for the Columbus and NODE 2 Moduls in scale 1:1

Qinetiq Redwire Space

IBDM : International Berthing and Docking Mechanism.
Part of SNC's Dream Chaser to supply cargo to the International Space Station.

Odysseum Köln

An exhibition area where interactive exhibits highlight basic science principles.

Lunar Lander

OMEGA headquarters, asked us to do the production of the Lunar lander in 1:1 scale ,in front of the building in Bienne .

La Tête dans les étoiles

Production of the film set : La tête dans les étoiles .Various modules of the International Space Station.

Discovery Museum Kerkrade

With great pleasure, we were able to produce some interactive exhibits,approached from different themes.


We build scale models in high-quality detail, to be presented at trade fairs or as product presentations.


Interactive exhibition : "new Horizons" – On the trail of Time.

NEMO Science Museum

An exhibition area where interactive exhibits highlight basic science principles.

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