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We Build For

HAL 3 Projects team has gained many years worth of experience, amongst contractors and sub-contractors over the whole world. We provide three-dimensional presentations: scale models, reduced, enlarged, full-scale, extreme reductions and extreme enlargements. Manufactured in any material required, suitable for use inside as well as outside. These projects all require applications in the field of delicate mechanical techniques, constructions, 2-and 3 D digital techniques and spatial designs.


Our team works together from the very first concept idea through to delivery and service. Whether it concerns public presentations, presentations at exhibitions, training material, projects with a short or long lifespan: your product or project will be made visible in a very lifelike way, in any scale you desire and as detailed as you require it to be. Best of both worlds: combining creativity and technical skills.


The HAL 3 Projects’ team is able to combine creativity with high quality technical skills. Combining these different disciplines leads to a wide scale of possibilities in creating detailed high quality presentations.

Can we create something for you?


Build to amaze

In the beginning of  2002 we started with our first real big projects in our hall in Beek. This was the 3rd hall we went to for a visit, so it became Hal 3 Projects. 

We have a huge love for space and this is where our first projects came from. In the meantime we have grown enormously. We provide our clients a project or product from start to finish and that is what we love about our company.

Our mission is to amaze people with combining the technologic with our creativity and 3D work. From people out of space until kids in a museum, seeing people enjoying our builds is the reason why we started this business.

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